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MCat: 29 Labor

Text of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations 1998 to present. Regulations related to US Department of Labor. OSHA regulations. EEOC regulations. NLRB regulations. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation regulations. Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration regulations. Federal employment standards. Labor-management standards. EEOC regulations. Wage-hour standards.

Agency - DOL Regs

Archival regulations for the US Department of Labor - CFR Title 29 Labor regulations from 1998 to present

Includes the Office of the Secretary of Labor, National Labor Relations Board, Office of Labor-Management Standards, National Railroad Adjustment Board, Labor-Management Standards, Wage and Hour Division, Construction Collective Bargaining, National Mediation Board, Federal Mediation and Conciliation, EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Administration, OSHA Review Commission, PWBA - Pension and Welfare Benefits, Mine Safety Review Commission, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp

Benefit Plan Regs

Archives of Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration PWBA regulations from 1998 to 2003 and Employee Benefits Security Administration EBSA 2003 to the present. 29 CFR Parts 2500-2599

The text of standards for retirement and health benefit plans in private industry as required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).


Archives of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations from 1998 to the present. 29 CFR Parts 1600-1699


Archives of National Labor Relations Board regulations from 1998 to the present. 29 CFR Parts 100-199


Historical OSHA regulations from 1998 to the present - 29 CFR 1900-1999

Includes state OSHA plans, inspections, citations, penalties, variances, exemptions, consultation agreements, General industry safety regulations, OSHA rulemaking, shipyard safety, marine terminals, longshoring, safety standards for workshop and rehab facilities assisted by grants, federal service contracts safety standards, Construction industry safety regulations, Agriculture industry safety regulations, federal employee safety and health programs, Williams-Steiger Act employer safety and discrimination duties, discrimination protection rules for section 405 of the STAA pertaining to drivers of commercial motor vehicles, regulation of potential occupational carcinogens found in the workplace


Archives of Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation regulations from 1998 to the present. 20 CFR Parts 4000-4999

Wage-Hour Regs

Archives of US Department of Labor wage and hour regulations from 1998 to the present. 29 CFR Parts 500-899

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