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GCat: US Laws
MCat: Employment Laws

The text of state employment and labor laws and regulations on subjects such as discrimination, workers compensation, collective bargaining, alien labor and more

Alien Labor Registration

US foreign labor certification/registration requirements by state

COBRA Regulations

COBRA continuation of health coverage requirements such as eligibility, periods of coverage, paying for coverage, etc.

Disability Rights

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) relative to employment of the disabled, reasonable workplace accomodations, etc.

DOL Regulations

US Department of Labor laws and complicance assistance for Family and Medical Leave Act, Employment Standards Administration, Employment and Training Administration, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program, Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration. Full text of the state labor laws available on the internet.

EEOC Regulations

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission laws and guidance.

ERISA Regulations

Full text of the federal law - Employee Retirement Income Security Act by section. Full text of PBGC regulations designed to protect American worker pensions.

FMLA Regulations

Full text of the law and of a guide to assist with compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Labor Relations Boards

Links to federal and state boards involved in labor-management relations in the USA

Longshore WC Regulations

Full text of US Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act standards and compliance assistance.

MSHA Regulations

Full text of US Mining Safety & Health Administration standards and compliance assistance.

NLRB Regulations

National Labor Relations Board rules and regulations. Decisions and orders.

OSHA Regulations

Full text of all Occupational Safety & Health Administration standards.

State EEOC

State offices of civil rights, equal opportunity, human rights commissions responsible for state anti-discrimination laws

State Employment Laws

Summaries of various state laws related to employment such as wage-hour laws, minimum wages, meal periods and breaks, payday requirements, leave laws, child labor, lie detector tests, state employer discrimination and more

State Leave Laws

Some states have state laws that are in addition to the US federal government leave law requirements such as family leave - FMLA

State OSHA Regulations

Access to each OSHA approved plan state agency and to the full text of their state laws.

State Unemployment

Links to state unemployment websites and laws

State Wage-Hour

State wage and hour administration offices and compliance materials to assist with state regulations

State WC Laws

Direct links to the full text of state workers compensation laws for those states who provide the information on their websites.

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