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Essential of financial risk management. How to set up a DFA model for an organization. Guidance on understanding financials. Methodologies to conduct a cost benefit financial analysis of major projects. Portfolio model for evaluating credit risk that enables a company to consolidate credit risk. Literature on behavioral finance.

6 Resources
Analyzing Your Business Financial Position [16445] ?

Discusses some of the most commonly used tools for financial analysis

Corporate Finance Solutions [37838] ?

A series of articles geared to CEOs and CFOs

Financial Ratio Tutorial [3534] ?

30 measurements that are the most relevant to the investing process

Financial Statement Analysis Basics [40163] ?

Educational materials for beginner, intermediate and expert levels

Guide to Understanding Financial Annual Reports [4139] ?

Basic introduction to reading a company's annual reports

P&L Basics [8180] ?

Use your income statement as a management tool

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