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Business management practices. Conduct research and obtain company profiles. Best practices & benchmarking. TQM. Customer Relations. Strategic planning. Business performance measurements. Self-assessments. Small business handbooks, business plans and resources. Business tools. Customer relations. Resources for nonprofits. Exports/Imports. Corporate governance. Leadership and public speaking materials. RFP guidance.

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Best Practices

Best practices and key metrics to core functions within the finance function. Solutions for more than 2,000 best practices in manufacturing. Credit & accounts receivable benchmarks. Software on best practices in manufacturing. Articles, white papers and resources on benchmarking.

Business Plans

Business plan guidance on how to write an effective plan. Sample plans illustrate required content. Tutorial with outline for business plans.

Company Research

Links and explanations of websites that provide online information on companies. The most common methods for acquiring information about competitors. Survey of US companies on the use of business intelligence. Patent search. NLRB decisions. FTC actions.

Corporate Governance

Full text of the OECD principles of corporate governance. Current corporate governance codes and standards from various countries.

Customer Relations

Full text of a customer service plan. Evaluating your company for its strengths and weaknesses in promoting customer satisfaction. How to handle persistent complainers. How to measure customer satisfaction. Reengineering for customer satisfaction in service industries.


Corporate code of ethics examples, voluntary business codes, business values and morals, guide to ethical decision making.


Schedule B Export Codes for Exports. Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Codes for Imports. US Staged Tariff Reductions by Product. U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) Tariff Database.

ISO 9000

Answers to the most commonly asked questions on quality; quality systems; the content, application and revision of the ISO 9000 standards; quality system approval/registration, etc. Search a database for North American ISO 9000 and QS-9000 registered companies - nearly 27,000 entries. Example quality system documentation.


Business ethics. Abstracts of selected Gallup reports. Hot topics. Political news. Union positions. Database access to state policies versus US federal policies. Results of American Management Association surveys of American business. US employment policies. Privitization.


Lessons on leadership, such as: Time management. Negotiating styles. Leadership development. People management. Quotes from famous leaders.


Articles on strategic planning and business management tips. Guide and examples of using scenario planning to think strategically about the future. Project management.


Headline news, newsletters, etc. from business information news sources such as: Business Week. Business Journal. Yahoo! Business Headlines. Industry Week. Forbes. Fortune Magazine.


Risk facts for nonprofits, EPLI coverage for nonprofits, answers to liability questions related to nonprofits, legal issues for nonprofits.


How to get superior business performance and how to measure it. Analyzing gaps to prioritize plans for improvement. How CFOs determine which value based performance metric is best for their companies.


Effective presentations manual. Tips for developing and delivering presentations. Advice on the use of visuals and overheads. Guidance on computer presentations.


Materials on purchasing for the supply management professional such as the text of a university's purchasing and business services manual.


Full text of sample Requests for Proposals for various industries. Guides and how-to's on writing and responding to RFP's.

Small Business

Model letters, contracts, policies, forms, templates. Small Business Handbook. Free software. Guidelines for business planning, marketing, management, etc. Information on employee benefits, employment laws, finance, workplace safety, etc. for small business.


Principles and practices of Total Quality Management. Case studies. Tools and techniques. Reengineering for productivity and quality. Full text of a quality control manual.

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