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Links and explanations of websites that provide online information on companies. The most common methods for acquiring information about competitors. Survey of US companies on the use of business intelligence. Patent search. NLRB decisions. FTC actions.

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Agency Compile [17067] ?

Directory of marketing communications agencies

Annual Report Service [35470] ?

Will send out company annual reports to those who request them

Canada: SEDAR [32184] ?

Information filed by public companies and investment funds with the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA)

Canadian Company Capabilities [12013] ?

An online database with thousands of Canadian companies and 200,000 products and services

Company Information on the Web [14958] ?

Provides links to company research on the internet

EPA Federal Register [5813] ?

Search the Federal Register for environmental issues faced by a company

Europages: The European Business Directory [6186] ?

Provides names, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses of European companies

Fortune 500 [30066] ?

A list of the companies with business and financial summaries

FTC Actions [5815] ?

Search to see if the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ever taken any actions against a company

Full Proxy, 10-K, Summary Compensation, and Nonprofit Information [24898] ?

Database provides SEC information including proxy, 10-K, Form 990

GuideStar Charity Check [32185] ?

Financial data on non-profit organizations in the U.S.

Health & Human Services OIG Exclusions: List of Excluded Individuals/Entities [12237] ?

List of individuals/entities excluded from USA federal health care programs

Updated List of Parties Excluded From USA Federal Procurement & Nonprocurement Programs [12238] ?

identifies those parties excluded throughout the USA Government from receiving federal contracts

Litigation Watch [22669] ?

Search a company or industry to determine litigation status

NLRB Decisions [5814] ?

Determine if a company has had any union disputes that the NLRB has mediated

NSF Product and Service Listings [23305] ?

Databases to determine if a manufacturer's products or services are NSF certified

Patent Search [5816] ?

A searchable database of front page information from US patents issued from 1/76 to 6/23/98

Search Newsgroups [12445] ?

Search newsgroups for discussions about companies and their products

Searchable Public Record Databases [12440] ?

Public searchable databases for US nationwide, by state and Canada

Silicon Valley Company Watch [17066] ?

Financial and company background for the 150 largest publicly traded Silicon Valley companies

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals [12219] ?

Society for competitive intelligence professionals

ThomasNet [3069] ?

Formerly known at the Thomas Register

UL Certification Databases [23321] ?

Check to see if a company and its products are UL certified

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