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Human resources management basics. Certification requirements for Professional in Human Resources. Conferences and seminars.

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AWLP Work/Life Certificate [17426] ?

Certification information for work/life professionals

Updated CCP, CBP, GRP & WLCP Certification [1993] ?

Certified Compensation & Certified Benefits Professionals, Global Remuneration and Work-Life Certified Professionals

CEBS - Certified Employee Benefit Specialist Designation [10450] ?

Certification of those in the employee benefits field by IFEB

CWS - Certified Workforce Specialist [33326] ?

Workforce professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in workforce development issues

PHR, SPHR, GPHR: Human Resource Certification Institute [1955] ?

Professional in Human Resources - PHR, SPHR, GPHR certification details

Updated SHRM Certification [2479] ?

For PHR/SPHR/GCP from the Society for Human Resources Management

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