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Professional associations for professionals interested in arson investigation, fire chiefs, fire equipment distributors, burglar & fire alarms, fire sprinklers, etc.

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American Fire Sprinkler Association [14678] ?

International association representing open shop fire sprinkler contractors

Automatic Fire Alarm Association [17322] ?

Dedicated to representing the automatic fire detection and fire alarm systems industry

Congressional Fire Services Institute [19353] ?

Designed to educate members of Congress on issues that make a difference for the emergency services

Fire Department Safety Officers Association [15553] ?

Promote safety standards and practices in the fire, rescue and emergency services community.

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition [14685] ?

Mission is to inform the public about life-saving value of home fire sprinkler protection

Industrialized Buildings Commission [19354] ?

Industrialized (modular) buildings industry standards

International Association of Fire Chiefs [2229] ?

IAFC has been a pioneer in helping fire departments communicate

International Association of Fire Fighers [17312] ?

AFL-CIO-CLC organization for firefighters

Updated International Fire Service Training Association [17934] ?

Dedicated to upgrading fire fighting techniques and safety through training

National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors [364] ?

NAFED - Trade association of fire equipment distributors

National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association [2225] ?

United States oldest trade association serving the electronic alarm industry

National Fire Sprinkler Association [2226] ?

National association of fire sprinkler manufacturers, dealers and installers

National Volunteer Fire Council [15547] ?

Volunteer fire service nonprofit association

Propane Safety & Research Council [15549] ?

Promotes the safe, efficient use of propane as a preferred energy source

Society for Fire Protection Engineers [14690] ?

Professional society representing those practicing the field of fire protection engineering

The Center for Campus Fire Safety [25151] ?

An advocate for promoting campus fire safety

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