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American Council of the Blind [21702] ?

Organization of blind and visually impaired people

American Council on Science and Health [9350] ?

Consumer education consortium concerned with issues related to health

American Heart Association [351] ?

Association that provides information about healthy living, heart disease and strokes

American Lung Association [3452] ?

Mission is to prevent lung disease and promote lung health

American Public Health Association [359] ?

Organization of public health professionals in the United States

Updated American Red Cross [267] ?

Volunteers who provide relief to victims of disaster

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association [6682] ?

Credentialing association for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, etc.

Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists [32816] ?

Composed of representatives from all state and territorial health departments

Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association [2757] ?

National nonprofit association of the drug collection and alcohol testing industry

Families USA [11722] ?

Voice for health care consumers

Federation of American Hospitals [4228] ?

The national representative of investor-owned or managed community hospitals and health systems in the USA

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society [15016] ?

Providing leadership for the optimal use of healthcare information technology (IT) and management systems

Healthcare Leadership Council [9700] ?

Healthcare industry forum to promote quality in the American health care system

International Food Information Council [939] ?

Educational foundation supporting food safety, nutrition and health

Join Together Online [2384] ?

National resource center working to reduce substance abuse and gun violence

National Association of Health Data Organizations [5641] ?

Nonprofit dedicated to improving the nation's health information system

National Association of Public Hospitals & Health Systems [1009] ?

Represent the nation's urban safety net health systems

National Business Coalition on Health [8063] ?

Provides expertise, resources and a voice to 100 business health coalitions

National Council for Prescription Drug Programs [16719] ?

Create and promote data interchange standards for the pharmacy services sector of the health care in

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. [2393] ?

Advocates prevention, intervention, research and treatment of substance abuse

National Organization on Disability [11696] ?

Promotes the disabled in all aspects of life

National Patient Safety Foundation [9698] ?

AMA initiative to ensure patient safety

SHAPE America [10563] ?

Involved in physical education, leisure, fitness, dance, health promotion, healthy lifestyle

Shape Up America [569] ?

Organization focused on providing information on health and fitness

Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America [22643] ?

Fosters the development and application of the science of health care epidemiology

Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association [9804] ?

SAPACC Substance Abuse Program Administrators' Certification

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