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American Risk and Insurance Association - ARIAWeb [411] ?

Professional association of insurance and risk management professionals

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management [3867] ?

Society for healthcare risk management professionals

Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters Society [335] ?

Not for profit - promotes excellence in insurance and risk management

Healthcare Financial Management Association [1516] ?

Association of financial management professionals employed by the healthcare industry

National Council of Self-Insurers [16193] ?

Devoted to the self-insurance of workers' compensation

Nonprofit Risk Management Center [6355] ?

Helps nonprofit staff and volunteers control risks

Public Agency Risk Managers Association [406] ?

Mission - facilitate innovative approaches toward risk management in governmental agencies

Public Risk Management Association [2822] ?

Mission: promoting and encouraging effective risk management in public agencies

Public Risk Management Association [10336] ?

Risk management for public & non-profit organizations

Risk & Insurance Management Society [409] ?

Non-profit organization dedicated to advancing professional standards in risk management

Risk Theory Society [2275] ?

Purpose of the organization: foster research into topics in risk theory and risk managment

Self-Insurance Institute of America Inc. [1496] ?

Membership of US public and private entities that self-insure or self-fund

Society for Risk Analysis [14900] ?

International association for professionals involved in risk analysis

Society of Risk Management Consultants [3273] ?

Organization of independent risk management consultants with members in the US, Canada & France

The Association of Insurance and Risk Managers [1871] ?

AIRMIC - UK organization for risk management professionals

The Risk Management Association [25345] ?

Created to advance the use of sound risk principles in the financial services industry

UK: The Institute of Risk Management [14896] ?

The Institute holds examinations which lead to professional qualifications - IRM

Western Risk and Insurance Association [3583] ?

Promote education and research in the field of Risk Management and Insurance

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