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Societies & councils who promote workplace safety & health, accreditate safety professionals, etc. Industrial safety equipment.

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American Association of Safety Councils [37829] ?

An association of independent safety councils in the USA and Canada

American Biological Safety Association [37341] ?

Offers registration (Registered Biosafety Professional) and certification (Certified Biological Safety Professional)

American Society of Safety Engineers [363] ?

Association for the advancement of safety professionals in the United States

American Society of Safety Engineers - Chapters [365] ?

Find ASSE chapters on the web

Campus Safety, Health & Environmental Management Association [1389] ?

Division of the National Safety Council for university and college campus safety

Canadian Society of Safety Engineers [12999] ?

Professional organization for health and safety practitioners

Construction Safety Council [24565] ?

Focuses on construction safety

Dangerous Goods Advisory Council [13915] ?

Promotes regulatory compliance & safety in transportation of hazardous materials & dangerous goods

Electrical Safety Foundation [12879] ?

Exclusively devoted to electrical safety education and awareness

Flight Safety Foundation [379] ?

Acts in the public interest to enhance worldwide aviation safety

Industrial Safety Equipment Association [1879] ?

US trade association for companies that manufacture safety equipment

Institute for Safety and Health Management [11990] ?

Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) program

International Safety Equipment Association [4942] ?

The association for personal protective equipment and technologies

International Society of Exposure Science [37342] ?

Advance the science of exposure analysis related to environmental contaminants, both for human populations & ecosystems

International Vessel Operators Dangeous Goods Assocationm [13914] ?

Organization comprised of representatives of the ocean common carriers of the world

National Association of Safety Professionals [25904] ?

United States Division of the International Association of Safety Professionals

National Environmental Health Association [13260] ?

Professional society for environmental health practitioners - certifies 8 different credentials

National Hearing Conservation Association [14510] ?

Interested in hearing conservation and the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss

National Safety Council [401] ?

Mission - to promote safety and health policies in US

National Society of Professional Engineers [19060] ?

Represents individual engineering professionals and licensed engineers (PEs) across all disciplines

Quebec's Occupational Health and Safety Research Institute [11815] ?

Conduct research in occupational safety and health - most in French, a few in English

Safe Kids USA [37830] ?

National organization dedicated to preventing childhood injuries

Semiconductor Environmental Safety & Health Association [6007] ?

A Worldwide Organization for Safety, Health and Environmental Professionals

System Safety Society [19344] ?

Professionals Dedicated to the Safety of Systems, Products and Services

The National Safety Management Society [11989] ?

Promote the safety/loss control function through the application of management principles

United Mine Workers of America [352] ?

UMWA health and safety department

United Support & Memorial For Workplace Fatalities [25862] ?

Offers assistance to those who have lost a loved one in a workplace death

Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association [11405] ?

Cooperative efforts among labor, management, & government - OSHA, EPA, DOE

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