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GCat: General Reference
MCat: Reference

A wide variety of reference materials such as, scientific data conversion, distance, weight and measures, date and time gateways, financial calculators, metric conversion tables. Merriam Webster dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, Bartlett's Quotations, online language translators and numerous glossaries. Clip art and graphics. Directories for e-mail addresses. Maps of individuals & businesses. Internet guides, search engines, browsers & software. Comic strips & profession-related jokes. SIC code manuals. Travel resources (agencies, airlines, hotel chains, travel warnings, etc.) Real-time traffic photos and traffic conditions. Weather maps, storm trackers, meterological information, hazard warnings, live weather cameras. Guides to web page design, HTML code authoring, color charts, etc. Information and directories for contacting USA federal government representatives in the House and Senators, as well as political party information.


Converting one currency denomination to another. Metric conversion calculators - distance, weights and measures. Financial planning calculators. Cooking measures and conversions. Conversion tables and formulas. Cooking measures. Date and time conversions.


Acronyms. Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Merritt Glossary of Insurance Terms. Safety & Health Pocket Dictionary. Large number of glossaries and definitions of terms related to risk management, insurance, sciences, managed care, health, legal, transportation, etc.


Internet directories for individuals & businesses. Zip code and area code lookups. Geographic directories.


Information on election procedures, election returns and voter registration by state


Safety clip art. Animated graphics. Other graphics.


Comic strips, cartoons & jokes specific to the legal, insurance, medical, safety, risk management professions, etc.

Internet Beginners

Internet-related guides, browser , e-mail information, etc. Guides to the Internet. ISP information. HTML guidance.

Internet Browsers

There is more to life than just Microsoft Internet Explorer. Learn about other alternatives such as Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, and more.

Internet Marketing

The Electronic Commerce Guide. Maximizing the use and effectiveness of advertising on the Internet for business. Market research articles on online commerce. Web advertising and promotion resources. Electronic commerce information from a technology viewpoint.

Internet Services

Free internet e-mail addresses. Lists of active ISP's in the US, Canada and Worldwide. How to select an ISP, ISP reviews, surveys and test results.

Internet Statistics

Independent research assess the effect of internet technology change. Results of large scale consumer interviews in US & Europe on online commerce. Internet user survey results. Analysis of past, present and future internet user trends.


Maps that give door-to-door driving instructions, have interactive functions that allow zoom and directional changes, etc. Yellow Pages maps to businesses in major metropolitan areas.

Must Have Software

Downloadable internet software from major software developers - some free. Browsers. Shareware. Viewers.


US Department of Labor Codes: Standard Industry Classification (SIC) and Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Codes. North American Industry Classification Systems.


Information and directories for contacting USA federal government representatives in the House and Senators, as well as political party information.

Search Engines

Links to some of the more popular search engines on the internet.

Tech Links

Each resource provides massive amounts of information on the latest products in software and hardware, internet tools, etc. Testing lab results. Information of interest to Chief Information Officers and their technical staffs.


Actual time, time zones, world clocks, sun/moon rise and set, calendars, holidays, daylight savings time


Online dictionaries for multiple languages. Online translators.


Destination and travel information. Restaurants, travel magazines, vacation specials, etc. Guidelines on how to travel safely throughout the world.


Weather maps and forecasts in the USA and worldwide. Hazard warnings. Earthquake and tropical storm activity. US solar radiation and wind resource maps.

Web Page Design

Includes guides to HTML code authoring, font selection viewers, color charts, and other technical materials for webmasters.

Writing Skills

William Strunk's Elements of Style. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. Roget's Thesaurus. English grammar. Writing style guidance.

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