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Full text of regulations of interest to risk managers, insurance, environmental safety & health, occupational medicine, human resource managers, etc. - over 30 categories of federal and industry standards and codes (e.g, ADA, CFR, DOT, EPA, FDA, HFCA, OSHA, etc.) Most include the text of US national industry standards & federal laws with interpretations of specific passages and resources to assist with compliance. Note: in general, the industry standards are not available in full text here - catalog ordering information provided in these cases, such as ANSI/ISO, NFPA, ASTM, ASAE, NEC and others.

Also refer to Categories: Fleet - Laws. Human Resources - Laws. International (all). International Countries (all). State Governments - (all) - includes local government municipal codes USA Government (all)


Full text of the American with Disabilities Act.. Accessibility guidelines. Pre-employment information. Checklist for existing facilities. Online employer handbook provides guidance on employment of the disabled. US Department of Justice assistance on ADA compliance. the relationship of psychiatric disabilities to benefit plans and the ADA.


American National Standards Institute online catalog - ordering information. No online access. Fees.

ASABE Standards

American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASABE) Standards

ASCE Standards

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) standards


Ordering information for ASTM standards. No online access. Fees.


Full text of laws promulgated by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)


US Copyright law - text of the law - pending legislation - information circulars.


industry guidance and official federal information on consumer product safety regulations.


US federal laws on Espionage, Terrorism, National Security, Law Enforcement, Export Control, Information Protection, Encryption, Miscellaneous.


Provides access to the full text of Title 14 CFR Parts 1-199 Federal Aviation Regulations, 14 CFR Part 67 - FAA Medical Standards and Certification, etc.


Includes the full text of the legislation and guidance on the general requirements of FDA laws and regulations.


Full text of the US Freedom of Information Act. US Department of Justice materials on FOIA.


Full text of an Act to require that certain fasteners sold in commerce conform to the specifications to which they are represented to be manufactured, to provide for accreditation of laboratories engaged in fastener testing, to require inspection, testing, and certification, in accordance with standardized methods, of fasteners used in critical applications to increase fastener quality and reduce the danger of fastener failure, and for other purposes.


Full text of 16 CFR Parts 0 to 999 - Commercial Practices Chapter 1 Federal Trade Commission


Links to the health departments for each state. Full text of the state health laws for those available on the internet.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., creates standards for the electrical & information technologies.


Full text of US immigration laws.


Links to the insurance departments for each state. Full text of the state insurance laws for those available on the internet.


Communications Decency Act. Telecommunications Act. Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Copyright Act.Lanham/Trademark Act. Anti-Dilution Act.


Explanation of the ISO organization & how to order standards.


Full text of all sections of NAFTA - Canada, Mexico and USA - free trade agreement.


National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health documents on proposed standards.


US regulations on the collection, maintenance, use & dissemination of personal information.


Links to the full text of US federal securities laws, regulations, rules, etc. Information on securities law including federal law, commentary and state law.


US laws on social security, rulings, recent legislation, welfare reform information, etc.

Tax Codes

Full text of US internal revenue service laws. Download or view online IRS forms and publications, as well as state tax forms - for individuals and for business.


Full text of US Uniform Commercial Code laws.


Support materials related to UPC standards for product identification. The text of the standards are NOT available here.

USA Codes

Titles 1 - 50 of the United States Codes. Replication of the 6-month calendar published by the Office of the Federal Register in April & Oct. Understanding the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Search engines for US federal and state laws in the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, United States Code, Congressional Record, state legislation resources, federal court opinions, etc.

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