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Titles 1 - 50 of the United States Codes. Replication of the 6-month calendar published by the Office of the Federal Register in April & Oct. Understanding the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Search engines for US federal and state laws in the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, United States Code, Congressional Record, state legislation resources, federal court opinions, etc.

22 Resources
CFR Code of Federal Regulations [2019] ?

Full text of Titles 1 - 50 of the United States Code listed by title or use search engines

CFR: Code of Federal Regulations: Retrieve by CFR Citation [27621] ?

Database of US federal regulations

Congressional Record [2255] ?

Access to the Congressional Record database of the US Congress - search engines

e-CFR [590] ?

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)

Export Adminstration Regulations (EAR) [24039] ?

Rules affecting the export administration regulations

FAR: Federal Acquisition Regulations [5884] ?

Full text of the Federal Acquisition Circulars from the Federal Register & full tet of Parts 1-53

Federal Register [3148] ?

Online access to the Federal Register v

Federal Register Daily Notices [24873] ?

What's new in the Federal Register each day

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure [26036] ?

Full text of the rules with forms

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure [26038] ?

As enforced by the United States Bankruptcy Courts

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure [4051] ?

Includes the complete text of the US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure [26037] ?

The text of the rules

Federal Rules of Evidence [4050] ?

Text of the US Federal Rules of Evidence

Updated Proposed USA Regulations [24706] ?

Make comments on proposed USA federal government regulations

The Unified Agenda [24028] ?

Also known as the Semiannual Regulatory Agenda - from 1994 to the present

THOMAS - Federal Legislation [1230] ?

US Library of Congress legislative information via THOMAS

Uniform Code of Military Justice [23699] ?

Text of the code for US military justice

United States Code [20764] ?

Full text of all 50 titles of the USC

United States Code [23279] ?

Access the full text of the US Codes - downloadable

US Code of Federal Regulations [24027] ?

Browse titles by year from 1996 to the present

US Federal Courts Finder [735] ?

Clickable map for locating federal courts

Updated US Library of Congress [2696] ?

Research tools and databases for accessing US federal legislation

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