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Special Resources

In addition to the library's major category breakdown, special resources are group either by type or function across all categories. These special groupings are listed below. This listing of special resources provides quick access to reference materials that be put to immediate use.


Business References International Issues & Country Profiles
Medical Textbooks Environmental Safety & Health

Case Law

Case Law & Verdicts Insurance Claims
Lessons Learned Search - Legal Databases
USA Government Rulings


Business & Finance Chemicals, Biosafety & Environmental
Disasters, Fire Safety Fleet
Human Resources Risk Management
Safety - Ergonomics Safety - Hazards
Safety - Management Audits

Co. Research

Company Profiles & Financials Directories of Companies
Research on Individuals


Business & Finance Chemical
Directories - Telephone & Zip Code Disasters, Fire Safety
Environment Fleet-Related
Health Human Resources
Insurance International
Medicine Safety - Aviation
Safety - Ergonomics Safety - Food Safety
Safety - Hazards Safety - Management
Safety - Training Technology
USA Government


Certification & Professional Designations Conferences, Seminars
Discussion Groups University Programs


Business & Legal Employee Benefits & Human Resources
Insurance Environmental Health & Safety


International - Local Governments Federal Governments (USA & Intl)
Environment (USA & Intl) Health (USA & Intl)
Insurance (USA & Intl) Justice (USA & Intl)
Labor (USA & Intl) Motor Vehicle (USA & Intl)
Occupational Safety (USA & Intl) Legislature / Parliament
Transportation (USA & Intl) Workers Comp (USA & Intl)
Radiation Control (USA & Intl) USA States - Environment
USA States - Health USA States - Insurance
USA States - Labor USA States - Motor Vehicle
USA States - Occupational Safety USA States - Public Safety
USA States - Liquor Control USA States - Transportation
USA States - Workers Comp USA States - Radiation Control
USA States - Local Governments USA States - State Governments

Government Laws

Environment (USA & Intl) USA States - Environment
Health (USA & Intl) USA States - Health
Insurance (USA & Intl) USA States - Insurance
Labor (USA & Intl) USA States - Labor
USA States - Motor Vehicle Occupational Safety (USA & Intl)
USA States - Occupational Safety USA States - Public Safety
USA States - Liquor Control Other (USA & International)
USA States - Other National Laws (USA & Intl)
USA States - State Laws Transportation (USA & Intl)
USA States - Transportation Workers Comp (USA & Intl)
USA States - Workers Comp Radiation Control (USA & Intl)
USA States - Radiation Control


Handbooks Insurance
Patients Environmental Health & Safety


Environmental Safety & Health Health in the Workplace


Business, Finance, Human Resources Environmental Health & Safety
USA Federal Government


Earthquake, Flood, Driving Weather

Medical Guidelines

Medicine Pharmaceuticals


Alerts Headline News
Survey Results Trends
USA Government


Business Chemical & Biosafety
Disasters, Emergencies, Fire Fleet
Health in the Workplace Human Resources - Telecommuting
Risk Management Safety - Construction
Safety - Ergonomics Safety - Food Safety
Safety - Hazard Control Safety - Management
Safety - Radiation


Business & Finance Environmental Safety & Health
Health & Medicine


Calculators (online) Software Download


Agencies & Organizations Charts & Lists
Industry Standards


Agencies (USA & International) Costs, Pricing (USA)
Finance Health
Internet Traffic Justice, Crime
Labor Miscellaneous
Property, Fire Safety


Business Plans Contracts
Department Home Pages Insurance
Medical Policies & Procedures
RFP - Request for Proposals Standard Operating Procedures


Business & Finance Chemicals
Disasters, Fire Safety Fleet
Human Resources Medicine
Safety - Ergonomics Safety - Food Safety
Safety - Hazards Safety - Radiation
Safety - Training Technology

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