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    » Industry Standards

Interpretations and abstracts of standards from various industry and government standards organizations. In general, does not include the full text of the standards.

Construction Codes » AHRI Standards

Text of the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute standards

AHRI Standards [18563] ?

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute regulations - full text

Construction Codes » Building Codes

Ordering information for building code standards such as UBC, UFC, NEC

NARRP: Nationally Applicable Recommended Rehabilitation Provisions [13255] ?

A guide to the use of the NARRP - a self-contained, national model rehabilitation code

General Business » Best Practices

Handbooks on more than 2,000 Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP). Benchmarking.

Best Practices Guideline Documents [2730] ?

Best practices guidelines for a variety of manufacturing processes

Regulations » IEEE

How to order standards from IEEE

IEEE Standards [13314] ?

Information on how to purchase IEEE standards

IEEE Standards On-Line [13313] ?

Requires additional fees for subscription to access IEEE codes online (fees)

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