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Special Resources
  » Online Tutorials:
    » Business & Finance

Online tutorials and quizzes on understanding financials, business plans, insurance, legal requirements, risk management, etc.

Finance » Analysis

Dynamic Financial Analysis, financial research sources, tutorials, etc.

Guide to Understanding Financial Annual Reports [4139] ?

Basic introduction to reading a company's annual reports

Finance » Funding

Business funding & venture capital directories, guides, resources

How to Raise Capital - How to Find Start-Up Funding [13620] ?

Advice on how to raise money and prepare a loan proposal

Finance » Investing

News, tools, tutorials, research, advice and resources related to investment

Basics: Investing in Bonds [13073] ?

An investor's guide to bond basics

Finance » Pensions

Pension plan guides for employers, plan participants and others

401(k) Plans for Small Businesses [5110] ?

Provides basic information about 401k plans and how they work

General Business » Business Plans

Business plan development, sample plans, guidance

Business Plan Essentials [5550] ?

Guidance and templates

General Business » Presentations

Speaking presentation tips, tutorials and support materials

Presentation Skills Tutorials [8543] ?

Online training on the key components of an effective presentation

General Business » Small Business

Guides, handbooks, tools, forms, software, etc. for small business

Building Your Business - Growth Strategies [13623] ?

How to plan for growth

Small Business Opportunities in Federal Procurement [13619] ?

Provides a general understanding of the procurement process used by the federal government

International » Safety

Resources concerned with workplace safety polices and issues internationally

Nuclear Energy Agency [3272] ?

Promotes development of nuclear energy as a safe, acceptable & economical energy sourc

Legal Topics » Litigation

Legal case mgt, use of computer-generated evidence, attorney-client priviledge

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence [5553] ?

Federal Judiciary Center reference manual on scientific evidence for the federal judiciary

Regulations » UPC

Information about Universal Product Code Standards - NOT the text of the stds

How UPC Bar Codes Work [5474] ?

Tutorial on decoding UPC bar codes

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