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State agencies responsible for environment, health, insurance, labor, motor vehicles, public safety, radiation control, transportation workers compensation, etc. Access to various local government websites for counties, municipalities, etc. The full text of state statutes and regulations.

Home Page of Kansas [4682] ?

Official government website of the state of Kansas

Local Government - Kansas Communities [4683] ?

Links to city government websites in the State of Kansas

Local Government - Kansas Counties [3797] ?

Links to Kansas county government websites


Banking and Securities

Kansas Office of the Securities Commissioner [34704] ?

Responsible for the regulation of securities in Kansas

Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner [38988] ?

Responsible for regulating banks, loan industry, trust companies, mortgage industry, credit services


Business Filings

Kansas Business Center [39082] ?

Business financing, licensing, permitting and legal options

Kansas Business Filing Center [34591] ?

Handles business filings including Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

Kansas Business Portal [39079] ?

Business development, financing, taxes, registration, etc

Kansas Department of Commerce [39081] ?

Business financing, small business development, incentives

Kansas Department of Revenue [39080] ?

Business taxation

Kansas Secretary of State [34468] ?

Responsible for elections, business filings, youth and civic events, state register, publishes KAR

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development [39083] ?

Business development, small business development, minority business

Kentucky Department of Revenue [39084] ?

Business taxation and personal income taxes


Courts, Decisions, Opinions

Kansas Judicial Branch [10894] ?

Home page to the courts of the State of Kansas

Kansas Supreme Court / Kansas Court of Appeals Opinions [10857] ?

Opinions from 1996 to the present

Opinions of the Attorney General of Kansas [11297] ?

Opinions from 1998 to the present



Agency: Division of Environment - Kansas [6520] ?

Portion of the Kansas Department of Health & Environment responsible for environment

Kansas Statutes: Environmental Health [7633] ?

Full text of the environmental health laws in the State of Kansas



Agency: Kansas Department of Environment and Health [6755] ?

State EPA and state health department for the State of Kansas

Agency: Kansas Rehabilitation Services [20985] ?

Vocational rehabilitation, services for blind and deaf, etc

Regulations: Department of Health and Environment [6521] ?

Text of selected health and environmental regulations for the State of Kansas

Statutes: Chapter 65 Public Health - Kansas [6839] ?

Text of the State's public health laws



Agency: Insurance Department - Kansas [4900] ?

Regulates the insurance industry in the State of Kansas

Statutes: Chapter 40. Insurance - Kansas [6887] ?

Text of the insurance laws for the State of Kansas



Agency: Department of Labor - Kansas [3649] ?

Responsible for labor laws in the State of Kansas


Liquor & Alcoholic Beverage Control

Agency: Kansas Dept of Revenue Division of ABC [18156] ?

The liquor laws, rules and regulations for the State of Kansas

Kansas Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control [18154] ?

Home page to the entity responsible for liquor control in the State of Kansas

Kansas Statutes Chapter 41 Intoxicating Liquors and Beverages [pdf] [18155] ?

Text of the liquor control laws for the State of Kansas


Motor Vehicles / Motor Carriers

Agency: Division of Motor Vehicles - Kansas [6258] ?

Responsible for motor vehicle and drivers licensing in the State of Kansas

Kansas Statutes: Chapter 8. Automobiles and Other Vehicles [7636] ?

Full text of the motor vehicle laws for the State of Kansas


Occupational Safety & Health (state OSHA)


Public Safety

Agency: Kansas Division of Emergency Management [19804] ?

Responsible for coordinating all phases of emergency management within the state

Agency: Kansas Highway Patrol [17167] ?

Kansas primary law enforcement agency

Agency: Kansas State Fire Marshal [17286] ?

Responsible for fire safety in the State of Kansas

Kansas Statutes: Chapter 31 Fire Protection [7630] ?

Text of fire safety laws in the State of Kansas



Agency: Radiation Control Section - Kansas [6840] ?

Division responsible for radiation control for the State of Kansas

KS Code: Chapter 48 Article 16 Nuclear Energy Development & Radiation Control [7629] ?

Text of radiation laws relative to nuclear energy in the State of Kansas

Regulations: 28-35. Radiation - Kansas [7631] ?

Full text of radiation regulations in the State of Kansas


Statutes, Rules, Regulations

Kansas Register [32809] ?

Proposed and adopted administrative regulations, new state laws, etc

Kansas Statutes [39359] ?

Text of all chapters

Kansas Administrative Regulations [24099] ?

Regulations are filed in the Secretary of State's office

Kansas Legislature [17118] ?

The official website of the Kansas Legislature

Kansas Statutes [3814] ?

Text of Kansas state statutes



Agency: KDOT - Kansas [6014] ?

Kansas Department of Transportation

Kansas Statutes: Chapter 3. Aircraft and Airfields [7635] ?

Text of the aeronautics laws for the State of Kansas

Kansas Statutes: Chapter 68. Roads and Bridges [7634] ?

Text of the highway laws in the State of Kansas


Workers Compensation

Kansas Workers Compensation Laws & Regulations [29716] ?

Text of the laws and regs

Agency: Workers Compensation - Kansas [3648] ?

Responsible for workers compensation in the State of Kansas

Kansas Workers Compensation Board [4964] ?

About the Kansas WC Board

Self Insurance Information for Kansas WC [23184] ?

Kansas workers compensation self insurance forms and requirements

Statutes: Chapter 44. Labor & Industries, Article 5 Workers Compensation - KS [6888] ?

Text of the workers compensation laws for the State of Kansas

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