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Primarily US government and insurance industry sources of statistical data on topics such as economic indicators, agricultural commerce, energy production, housing & mortgage data, medical costs, health statistics, safety data, crime information, labor statistics, etc. Reference resources include a college textbook on introductory statistics, archives of statistical datasets, software and related information as well as a primer for trending occupational illness & injuries, occurrence reports, performance indicators. (e.g., BLS, Census Bureau, CDC Data Warehouse, NCHS, etc.).

Also Refer to Categories: Finance - Cost Estimating, Data. Fleet - Statistics. Managed Care - Medical Costs. OSHA - Statistics. Safety Mgt - Statistics.


Agricultural commodities data - worldwide production. State agricultural production statistics. Statistical information on US agricultural production & related areas of the economy.


US national crime statistics for: general, workplace violence, sexual assault, homicide, etc. Inmate and federal prison population statistics. Links to international websites that provide crime and justice statistics for their countries.


Demographic statistical measures for the United States and population worldwide. US Census Bureau data. Tables from the US Statistical Abstract. Annual immigration statistics. Housing & mortgage databases.


Annual consumer expenditures data for the United States. Monthly economic indicators. Internal Revenue Service compiled tax statistics on individual and corporate income, etc. Economic statistics for the United States and international.


Statistical education measures and comparisons of US to the world.


Weekly, monthly and annual reports on the cost of energy from the US Dept of Energy. Coal production statistics for the United States. Monthly petroleum production figures.


Online data & reports on acid rain, atmospheric deposition & precipitation chemistry. Global downloadable climate and satellite datasets. Climate summaries. World weather data.


National, state & metropolitan statistical data on fire deaths, injuries and property damage in US. Statistical fire reports based on the National Fire Incident Reporting System database. Firefighter fatalities in the US.


Statistics on health conditions, e.g., substance abuse, heart/stroke, cancer


US health insurance statistics from the US Census Bureau. ISO reports on annual studies of the insurance industry.


BLS data. Projections on employment, productivity & technology, prices, in the United States. Employment statistics for American business. Data on unemployment insurance in the United States.


CDC data on US deaths due to injury. Number of deaths by external cause of injury - by state. MMWR reports. Life expectancy table.


Primer for trending occupational illness and injuries, occurrence reports, performance indicators. Archives of statistical datasets, software and related information. Online statistical calculators. Tutorials on statistics, probability, resampling methods, multivariate statistics, etc.


Statistics on 21 priority research areas for NIOSH related to OSHA isues. OSHA statistics (e.g., ergonomics). Consumer product safety statistics. US federal government statistics on mining safety, employment and coal production. Accident statistics in the drilling industry. Occupational respiratory disease surveillance data.


Statistics on the US transportation systems (air, water, highway, rail, etc.) Commercial fleet statistics profile by size, type, state, number of registrations, etc. Economic transportation indicators in the United States. US public mass transportation financial and operating data. Federal, state and local highway data and statistics. Data on waterborne commerce, vessels, locks, port facilities, and dredging.

US Government

Economic, demographic and social statistics rankings of the 50 states. Summary data on U.S. direct investment abroad & financial and operating data of foreign affiliates. National summary data from the US Statistical Abstract. Tables on the United States' balance of payments. Links to 70 US government agencies that provide statistical data.

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