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Full text of 49 CFR and all amendments. Includes Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and more. Full text of the state transportation laws available on the internet.

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49 CFR Transportation [12361] ?

Full text of the USA federal regulations for transportation

ADA Transportation Requirements [12293] ?

DOTís Accessibility Specifications for Transportation Vehicles

ADA: 49 CFR Part 37 Transportation Services for Individuals with Disabilities [12292] ?

Full text of US Dept of Transportation's ADA standards for accessible transportation

CFR Title 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters [15567] ?

Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers, St Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation regulations

FAA Title 14 CFR Federal Aviation Regulations [3714] ?

Current USA Federal Aviation Administration regulations

Federal Railroad Administration Legislation, Regulation [8450] ?

Full text of US DOT Federal Railroad Administration laws and regulations

FHWA Legislation and Regulations [11085] ?

Legislation and regulations with links to the full text of each

FHWA Regulations & Legislation [807] ?

Full text of numerous Department of Transportation regulations

FMCSA Motor Carrier Laws, Regulations, Guidance [5729] ?

Text of US federal motor carrier laws, regulations and guides

FMVSS - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Miniguide [pdf] [1052] ?

An explanation of the standards

FRA Legislation, Regulations, Orders and Notices [9112] ?

Federal Register Notices and more relating to the Federal Railroad Administration

Hazmat Enforcement [10694] ?

Hazardous materials inspection & enforcement program by the Office of Hazardous Material Enforcement

TEA-21 [11416] ?

Full text of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

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