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Department of Justice [2956] ?

Represents the general public of the US and serves as legal counsel for its citizens

Drug Enforcement Administration [2964] ?

Agency of the federal government responsible for drug enforcement and administration

Executive Office for United States Attorneys [12344] ?

Provides the United States Attorney offices with operational support

Federal Bureau of Prisons [2967] ?

Administers the nation's federal prisons and prison populations in the US

Office for Victims of Crime [20243] ?

Help for victims of crimes in the USA

Office of Justice Programs [2965] ?

Develops, operates, and evaluates a wide range of criminal and juvenile justice programs

Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices [10539] ?

Investigates job discrimination related to a person's immigration status or national origin

United States Court of International Trade [10605] ?

Decide any civil action arising out of any law pertaining to international trade

United States Sentencing Commission [5227] ?

Creates sentencing guidelines, policies and procedures for the federal courts

Updated US Citizenship and Immigration Services [2953] ?

Responsible for immigration and naturalization management in the US (formerly known as the INS)

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